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    knee guards on a xc outfit?

    Hi, i'm not supposed to post this topic here but I'm used to the people that frequent this page so I'd like to get replies from the same poeple but moderators feel free to move this thread if needed be.

    I noticed that cross country and roadies don't wear knee guards and elbow guards, the only protection they have is a helmet. Why is it that such important joint protection are not advocated as much as it is in inline skating? Is it due to the fact that pro's don't wear them and racing regulations doesn't require them? A mountain biker or a roadie's speed as compared to an Inline skaters. An inline skater goes at app. 1/8 the speed of a mountain biker/ roadie and on smooth terrain. It doesn't make sense that our culture does not require elbow and knee guards.

    Yes, I am a wuss and I am concerned over my joints and the fact that I don't look cool if I'm gonna race a xc event with eldow and knee guards on makes me mad!! > While some people might think that it's cool or "hardcore" to race around with a bleeding knee or elbow or even have some titanium rod inserted in them. I certainly do not think so.

    Well, I don't care.

    Anyone knows of any brand of knee guards that is sleek enough to go with a xc outfit and looks proportionate as well? I don't see why I shouldn't wear a knee guard that I'm riding cross country. I think it's as essential as wearing a helmet.

    Any thoughts will be appreciated.
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    XC types and rodies are so worried about weight and efficiency and ride such smooth terain that it's not a big issue. Although of the broken bones I'm aware of just over half are rodies and allmost all the deaths I've read about are rodies due to cars. A relatively light set of knee and elbow armor are neoprene soccer guards, there light, and flexable but they can be warm.

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    true, but if a major racing organizations begin to implement regulations that says roadies and xc racers need to have a set of knee and elbow guards in order to race. Then I belive manufacturers would scramble to manufacture a set of light weight and efficient guards for these racing disciplines. But what are these people thinking?

    Cannondale already have a lightweight roadbike that's too light and needs to be legalized. Well, I don't see what a set of guards can do to a peloton if everyone's wearing them? Probably gonna slow them down a tad bit due to aerodynamics but well, everyone's wearing them!

    It's just like motocross, 5-10n years ago two stroke engines seemed like the only way to to go in terms of horse power, but due to it's high emmisions, manufacturer begin to r&d 4 stroke engines into motocross bikes. Today, most majority of bikes be it in the supercross and motocross races are 4 strokes and they are closing in on weight department as well.

    But, man, what are these people thinking racing road and xc without guards? I get pretty pissed when my girlfriend refuses to put on guards while racing xc and comes back with a bloodied knee. It's so stupid!!

    Don't get me wrong, it's okay to fall and crash. But to fall and crash again and again without proper protection is just idiotic and I don't see how can that relate to being "hardcore".

    And the dumbest thing is that big organizations are not doing anything to advocate it?
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    People like you fu*king scare me. What a puss. go play cards.
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