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    Jekyll 800 rear shock - remote lock-out cable

    For a while now, the cable that connects the rear shock to the remote lock-out lever on my Jekyll 800 has been kinda crapped out. It's crimped and twisted on both ends of the length because it got jammed in the housing towards the end of last season. Haven't ridden the bike through the winter, but now it's time to give it a fix.

    Tried to loosen the end of the cable that's attached to the switch on the rear shock last night, but to no avail. Looks like there are two screws in that switch - one to tighten onto the cable itself and one to hold that switch to the body of the shock. None of my hex screws seem to fit. I downloaded what I thought were instructions, but they really didn't offer any help.

    Would anyone with any experience with this be able to offer some advice? I have the derailleur cable, I have the cable ends - I'd love to do this myself rather than haul the damn bike to the shop and pay them the $10 or so to fix this for me if this is something that's simple enough.

    Help? Cheers!

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    It's an odd dimension hex bolt, 1.5 mm or 2.5 mm i think.

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    Thank you. I was hoping to get some rather precise direction on how I can do this on my own. Where's Damion, jeffj or the other experts when you need them!

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    OK, I got the cable replaced, but I think bollocksed it up a bit. Not only does the shock now lock-out on its own under heavy bumps, I now can't disengage the lock-out again when I'm sitting on the bike. The lever just won't budge. I have to get off the bike, then flip the switch up only to have it flip back down when I ride over big bumps.

    Pretty sure it's a set up thing. What have I bollocksed up here? When the switch is in the unlocked position, do I not have it open enough? Should I shorten my cable, perhaps? Is there some magic position the remote lever needs to sit on my handlebars?

    Can anyone help me?

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