Have to thank Craig at Mendon Cyclesmith for providing me with an instruction sheet for removing/installing HeadShok's from their frames The more familiar I am with headshocks the more impressed I am.
Have to laugh at myself when I discovered by the rubber boot being to short to secure, that the stem was not deep enough. So off again came the just installed fork. I used a soft rubber mat on my truck's tailgate to hold the F700s frame while I drove the fork out. Have to say driving the fork out of the frame over a lawn makes for a gentle landing of the speeding to earth fork as it is hammer'd free. I can understand how punching out a Headshok over a concrete floor would not be pretty.
Anyway the DD50 is an air fork, my impression after a couple hours riding is I like it more then my F700s original Fatty D. Not sure if my weight was correct for the Fatty D's spring/and spring material but I seem to have more travel that is utilized with the DD50 even though Craig said the DD50 would have less travel then my Fatty D.
I'm planning on sending my Fatty D to be refurbished but wonder if I can request softer action and the ability to use all the travel in my style of riding?