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    New question here. Hello - Suggestions for upgrades

    Hello all,

    I am new to the forums here at MTBR, and I am also relatively new to trail riding. I live in south florida and frequent quiet waters as well as markham park.

    I bought a Cannondale F5 CO2 about 2-3 years ago, rode a lot when I first bought it, then dropped out of the game for a while. I am now back into riding and really enjoying it more than ever. I am at the point now where I would really like to start upgrading certain parts of the bike that I feel fall short in performance when riding the trails.

    The first change I made to the bike were the pedals. I decided that I did not want to use clip ins, and went with my first upgrade being Atomlab Pimplite platform pedals. So far I have no complaints on these, they are great pedals and they have really increased my confidence on rugged downhills.

    As for future upgrades, I am considering upgrading my brakes. The bike comes with Avid BB5's, and at my size (6'4" 225lbs), they seem to be having a little trouble stopping me. I have seen others recommend upgrading the rotors to BB7's and that making a difference - thoughts? 2 of my friends run hydrollic brakes, and those have no problem stopping me. What are the best hydrollic brakes to get (least maintenance, highly reliable, etc)? I am also wondering the benefits of putting wider tires on the bike. Right now I still have the stock tires size 2.10. My friends bikes all have 2.35, what are the benefits of running wider tires? If I were to upgrade, what would be a competitive option? Will a wider tire even fit on my stock rim? I also noticed that people have staggered wheel sizes (bigger in front than in back), what is the benefit of this?

    I also have a few minor things that need to be repaired. First, the stock gear shifter stopped showing what gear I am in - what would be a decent replacement for this? Next, I bent my rear rim and need to replace that as well. I really like the stock black rim and would like to at least get another rim that matches - finding a stock one would be ideal. However, I can't seem to find that rim online anywhere - suggestions?

    Any other things that riders of this bike would consider changing from the stock setup? This has been my only real mountain bike, so im not even 100% sure what upgrades make big differences.

    I realize this is a lot of writing and I am sorry for that. Just a newb looking for some insight. thanks in advance.

    ~edit before flames~
    I have looked in the reviews, but there are so many different products as well as many different types of riders that it is somewhat overwhelming. Just looking for some opinions.
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