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    Cool-blue Rhythm Girlfriend One upped me

    Well, I have been helping my girlfriend shop for a mountain bike. After a couple of weeks of shopping she decided to pull the trigger and buy one but didn't tell me what she was going to get.

    I have a Cannondale F5. Well she went out and bought a Cannondale F4. I actually am happy that she got a bike finally. Of course she has the better bike now.

    Anyway, I was curious on the Headshok. I believe the adjuster is on the top in the middle, correct? Is there a lockout feature on this? In addition, how much air to put in it since it looks like it has a Schraeder valve. I didn't look at F4's so I have no idea on those features.

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    She hasn't one upped you, it's the same frame. If you decide to upgrade to a headshock there wouldn't be any real difference in your bikes. The reason I got an F5 over the F4 was that I like the CO2 frame (compared to the specialized/ Giant/ Kona frames in the same price range and all Taiwanese made), was planning to upgrade to a Reba at some point and didn't want to get a new headset in the process. I'd like a choice of more than two forks.

    Don't expect anyone on this forum to endorse either of your or our decisions because they're not comparing like with like. Most have bikes which cost around a grand more than ours and most are Americans who want to buy US made bikes. Which is fair enough, I can't blame or criticise them for that.

    Reading this post back, I realise how unhelpful it is regarding your actual question, but it made me feel better. Sorry about that.

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    "In addition, how much air to put in it since it looks like it has a Schraeder valve."
    Did she get doc's with the bike that cover that? You're supposed to. If not, they can be downloaded from the Cannondale website, but I'm sure someone will chime in with the answer. (i don't happen to know, other than the 14 year old headshock on my Delta V takes about 100lbs - but it's way older and different so not necessarily correct.)

    "Don't expect anyone on this forum to endorse either of your or our decisions "
    Huh??? Well, I endorse your decisions anyway! Welcome!!!!

    Linky to tech docs for headshocks:
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    That is excellent that you are now both in to mountain biking. My wife and I have been mountain biking together now for what I'm realizing is ten years.

    The F5 & F4 are both great bikes in my opinion, the frame will lend itself to many years of upgrades should you choose that route. A friend of mine has ridden an F1000 for about 8 or 9 years with the headshok and it has been excellent for him.
    [Though has required two cartridge replacements, which isn't bad for 8+ years of ridding from a 200lb (14 stone, 90kg) rider]

    I hope you both enjoy your bikes and ridding together.

    <Insert Quiver>

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