Frequent Lefty reset

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  • 09-05-2011
    [email protected]
    Frequent Lefty reset
    My lefty is an '11. I am having to reset it about every 8 hours of riding. Most of the terrain is pretty bumpy. Is this normal, or do I need to worry about failure. I don't mind resetting it, the book just says it should go way longer between service.

  • 09-05-2011
    I have found that the more i lock out the fork (for sprinting, fireroads etc), the more it needs to be reset. But this might just be a coincidence.
  • 09-06-2011
    There are a ton of variables in this equation. What it comes down to is this. If it bugs you to reset it as often as you do, it can likely be tweaked to be less frequent, but will need a full tear down to achieve that, and what your getting changed is known as bearing preload.

    You may be able to slow it a bit with some more air as well. A slightly less active and plush fork, will migrate a bit less. The bumpier the terrain, and more aggressively said terrain gets ridden,the faster it will happen.

    Also, how much is it migrating in that time frame? Two inches, a quarter inch? Big difference there!