I have a 2011 Cannondale Claymore 3 with a Fox 36 Talas R. I'm thinking of sending the fork to Fox and converting it into a Float 36 RC2 or Talas 36 RC2.

For the most part I've been quite satisfied with the Talas 36 R. However there was one occaision where the Talas didn't fully extended after reducing it's height.

Although this certainly isn't the bike's fault I sometimes found myself riding with the Talas in reduced travel mode while dyad shock is set to flow mode.

So it got me thinking am I better off replacing the Talas with a Float? If I replace the Talas with a Float fork I won't have won't have to worry about the Dyad and Talas and only have to worry about the Dyad when I'm climbing.

There is also the peace of a mind associated with not having to worry about the fork "locking" in reduced travel mode?

Any feedback or comments? I would be especially interested in hearing from former Talas owners or former Float owners who went to a Talas fork.