Hey all, I'm a newb here and am looking for some input on my 2009 F7.

I'm a heavy rider and manage to break my cranks 3 times.

BGI in Indianapolis replaced them for free under the bikes warantee however the cranks don't match now.

I also managed to break 10 spokes on my rear tire doing the drop on our local trail.

I took my bike back by the shop and they are suggesting I grab a new bottom bracket with external ball bearings.

I have found many sites with info about this tech but NOTHING that fits an F7.

Are they universal?

They also suggested a Cyran (?) hub and a 26" Velocity P35 rear wheel for $145 for the way I ride. They also said I could have the stock wheel for $85.

Is it OK to run 2 different wheels/hubs/tires?

I'm just trying to find the best/cheapest route to get back on the trails this summer with some durability.

I would love to hear anyones input on this!