Guys, give me your honest opinion on the condition of my white Scalpel frameset in this area. Frame was used some on the east most on west coast. Look at the many hairline cross marks on these flexible (pre-pivot) stays. I have gotten various opinions from several bike shops familiar with Cannondales. Some are certain these are just paint cracks, others saying the stays are cracked. Are these stays hollow or solid carbon in this area? I tapped on them seemed still solid, and really didn't see any gouges. Ride is still very quiet, no creaks or other strange sounds, in fact this bike is one of the most quiet bikes I've own!

Thanks for your feedback, I do love the handling of this older design Scalpel, super quick just enough travel, light at 21.5 lbs on my set up.

This is only occurring at the undersides of both stays: