• 03-05-2011
    Cannondale Flash Carbon 3 vs. Flash 1
    Does anyone have experience with either bike. Is it worth the $ to upgrade to the carbon?
    Sale at LBS in two weeks... thanks for help
  • 03-08-2011
    I think it all boils down to what type of riding you plan to do (weekend warrior, serious racer, etc). How long you plan to own the bike & how important ride quality is. If you are young & money is an issue, go with the alloy. If you are a little older, won't be overly strapped with the extra 1k, & want smoother ride, go with carbon. Weight is a minimal factor, but the carbon offers more vibration dampening. Also, the specs aren't completely equal, you also get a few specs that are a little nicer with the carbon 3.