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    Advice please, upgrading OLD Headshok

    So I have been doing the road bike thing for a while now, since I haven't had anyone to go MTBing with. So my Cannondale Delta V1500 has been sitting for a while. Its been neglected long enough, and it also looks like I may have someone to ride with, so I am looking at updating a few things, since this bike is still a decent ride.

    This bike has a first edition headshok. According to the tech docs on the Cannondale site, it is a Pepperoni Blades Early Type 50mm (I am assuming that is 50mm of travel). The main thing that I want to change about this, is the lockout. This first edition headshock has a dial you have to screw in about 3 turns to lock it out, and 3 turns to get it completely freed up. Its supposed to change the damping rate in between those two limits.

    I find that I don't use anything but locked out, or freed up. So I want to change this to the on/off switch type, or something with less turns.

    So here are my questions..

    1. According to the tech doc I was able to find, there are 4 Cartridges that are supposed to be compatible with this fork. Acart, Fatty 50, DD 50, DD60. It looks like the Acart might be the one I want, there were two models I remember seeing, a 4-5 position dial, and a remote handlebar mounted switch. However I don't know anything about the others, do these have what I am looking for as well?

    2. Anyone know of the availability of these cartridges? I am not getting much help from the local shop. They initially said they couldn't replace the cartridge at all, it was only until after I found this doc, that they said they would look into it further. Their first suggestion was to buy a new frame, but I would also have to buy a new headshok/lefty if I did that. That's an expensive proposition, and one I don't really want to do at this point, even with the Frame Exchange option.

    3. The other option, could be that I just buy a more modern version of the headshok entirely. However these would have more travel then my current fork, and wasn't recommended by the shop. How much affect would this really have, going from say a 50mm travel to a 60mm or 70mm fork? Anyone have experience with this? It seems from the posts I have seen that people have done this, going from like a 60mm to a 70mm or even 80mm, so I am wondering if it is not that big a deal.

    I know nowadays 50mm is small potatoes, but I would be happy just changing the lockout, but I don't have enough experience with these options, and can't rely on the local shop to provide me with the answers. I look to the wisdom of the people of this forum..


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    as long as you are the original owner I would trade in the fork for a new one because as of last June Cannondale stopped doing any sort of support for the 50mm forks. You may be able to find vintage parts out there but it will take some digging on your part. 80mm will fit but the bike may not perform as well as it used to Just lauched V2.0 with free shipping and low prices!

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    Ok after doing some more research. I found this cartridge on ebay. Anyone know if this would work for what I want?

    The other thing I have noticed, is the following tech doc on Cannondale's site.

    This seems to initially indicate that I could probably upgrade to any of the non-lefty headshok models and be ok. I am sure I would notice a difference initially, but again has anyone had any experience with updating a lower travel like a 50mm/60mm to a 70mm/80mm? What are the differences in handling with a longer travel fork? Would it be anything to worry about?

    The last thing is, Cannondale still is making a 50mm Fatty "All Conditions" Headshok, in their "Comfort" series of bikes. Does anyone know if this is essentially the same as the Fatty 50 shock that used to be on the MTBs? I am thinking if it is, they should have cartridge parts that I could use for my conversion. I will probably go down to the bike shop to look in the next few days, to see if they have some of these models.

    Please, I know someone around here probably has this info locked up in the dusty recesses of their mind..


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