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Thread: 29er Advice

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    29er Advice

    Thanks for reading.
    I have been riding an XL Taurine Team for a few years now and enjoy it.
    Tried a 29 On One Scandal (250) with 8 speed hub and solid Bontrager forksand riser bars this weekend.
    I have to say I was blown away!!
    I am 6 feet 7inches and 230 lbs and found the 29er much easier to ride than the Taurine.
    It instilled more confidence,climbed and decsended better and it was cheap and heavy!
    I swopped with my son mid ride(he was on my Taurine) and I just felt uncomfortable and too big on the Taurine

    So whats the point?

    1. Can anyone advise where I could buy a 29 Cannondale frame as I cannot locate one in UK?
    I will take new or used (please note I am in UK but will pay shipping insurance)
    2.Which frame should I be looking for?
    3.Will my Lefty Carbon SL 26er go on the 29er frame(I appreciate it may not be perfect angles but its the cheapest option)

    Thanks in anticipation


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    Your lefty is virtually identical to the 29er one, all you have to do is install a kit that is available from Cannondale that will limit you to about 80mm of travel to accommodate for the 29er wheel.

    You may have to wait until the 2011's are available, but your best bet is always going to your LBS and having them talk to the rep. Are you looking for Carbon or Alu? The geo is identical, so the question is whether you want to pony up the cash for the carbon.

    You mentioned that you were interested in saving some cash, so I would recommend the aluminum one. Not only for the difference between the frames, but with the aluminum one you can re-use your seat post and possibly front der (if you have a multi pull).

    Plus with the aluminum frame, you can save some cash and put it toward a nicer wheelset. I would recommend a Stan's Notubes set up, being 6'7" and 230, I would say that the Arch would be the lightest you would want to go, but if they are built with DT Super comp's and nice hubs they will be light and be durable for you.

    Arn't 29er's fun?

    I got my 29er 1 in July and I love it, even better is that it weighs in right around 22 lbs with a heavy wheelset.

    Link to mine if you care to look, I dont want to high-jack the thread even more.


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    Wish I could buy a used 29er

    Thanks amillmtb for the great advice.
    I think your 29er looks great on the link.
    Its good news that I can use my lefty fork when I can find a frame to buy.
    I hjave spoken to my LBS and they will not be able to give4 me any infomation ref the purchase of a new frame till 2011!
    Cannot wait that long.
    Any one out there with an XL 29er for sale?

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