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    2011 Jekyll Questions


    I had a few questions for anyone who owns, or has ridden one of the 2011 Jekylls Has anyone received an aluminum one yet? Does anyone know what the wait times are for the models if you haven\'t gotten \"in line\" yet?

    Now, regarding the actual Jekyll ride, how does it compare to the RZ 120? The RZ 120 was my previous bike, and there were certainly times that I wished for a little more travel, and other times I preferred less than 120. Would this be the bike for me? Also, any noticeable difference other than weight between the carbon fiber and aluminum frames?

    Last question, which do you feel is the best bang for the buck regarding cost vs equipment? Thanks in advance, and for those of you who do have one, I hope you are enjoying them

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    I have an XL Jekyll Carbon 2 and I love the bike it has worked great anywhere I've ridden it, I can't answer your questions as far as comparing it to the RZ 120 I've never ridden that model but I did ride a Rize prior to ordering my Jekyll and the Jekyll is definitely far superior to the Rize but I'm not sure that is an equal comparision! I haven't heard of any Aluminium framed Jekyll's being shipped yet but someone was talking about them in a different Jekyll thread. I waited 7 months for mine but it was worth the wait

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    Thanks for the quick review! Unfortunately I've been looking for a white/red/black model (large) in any config (3/4/5). It looks like Cannondale is out of any of that color in any config. I am not crazy about any of the other colors, so I guess I may have to wait to see what the 2012 models look like... Ah well - thanks again!

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    My LBS has had a medium and a large alloy Jekyll on their floor for months. Not sure which one it is, but they're black, white and red. List price on them is +-$3,800.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcat 380 View Post
    I haven't heard of any Aluminium framed Jekyll's being shipped yet but someone was talking about them in a different Jekyll thread. I waited 7 months for mine but it was worth the wait
    My LBS has one
    Don't know which model but it's Alloy, green color and the price was like $3.500 if I remember correctly.....
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    Before I got my Jekyll Ultimate I had a 09 Rize Carbon 1 which is close to a Rize 120. I must say I really enjoyed the Rize and was concerned that the Jekyll would take some getting used to.

    Having said that I am very happy with the Jekyll. It took a bit of tinkering to get the DYAD set up to where I liked it (turns out running lower than Fox recommended pressures helped). I do use the elevate and flow options all the time. The Jekyll is super stiff in elevate and nice and plush in flow mode - it works as advertised.

    I happened to come across my Rize in the garage the other day and it was weird since the frame seemed so skinny now that I am used to the Jekyll. The rear triangle also felt kind of sloppy when I puttered around the driveway for a lap - even though it is in perfect condition. I also like that I don't have to reset my Lefty bearings all the time anymore - that was the only drawback imo of the Lefty. So I wouldn't go back to the Rize.

    So if you have the dough I'd say go for it. Just make sure you don't get a Jekyll that is much heavier than your current Rize. That you would probably regret.

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