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    2007 Prophet 3 climbing ability

    I am cross-shopping the Prophet with an '08 Trek EX8. Thread here

    One specific question about the Prophet; how well does it handle technical, rooty climbing?

    Any other comments about the bikes appreciated.

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    It climbs much better than it's weight and intended use (all-mountain) would suggest, climbing as well as much lighter xc bikes. The geometry is the secret, you are very well positioned to climb on a Prophet, something most bikes with that amount of travel can't achieve (they often put your weight too high and far back). And the rear suspension really provides huge amount of traction when climbing in the granny ring, the rear tire is glued to the ground and the suspension takes care of roots, rocks, dogs or your friend's body, whatever gets in the way. The location of the single pivot is key here.

    The good thing is, the bike is as great on the downhills! It's truly a great do it all bike.


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    our local mag found it to struggle a little bit on the steep and really technical climbs, but i find it to climb quite well (though i'm not very good at it and don't particularly like really technical climbs). I love my prophet and based on the reviews of prophet owners after trying the trek (there's another post here comparing a rush and a trek) i def wouldn't go for the trek (not that i would anyway). The prophet is a sweet bike and quite affordable this year, though it's not yet perfect. I do love it though Good luck on the choice

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    Well, mine is equipped with a SPV rear shock and climbs like a Goat on steroids!
    Virginia...quite a lot short, technical uphills with a bunch of slimy off-camber roots...
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    i've also been pleased with the way my Prophet climbs.
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    The prophet climbs pretty well, especially for what it is. I'm not gonna lie and say it climbs better than an XC race bike, but I will tell you it climbs really well. The decent is where it focuses, but sure, it climbs well. Go for the prophet!

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    Today, in a rather steep climb, I had to put all my weight down on the front while pedaling standing to keep the Lefty from floating around. I was in the 32-teeth ring and granny geared; this was the second time I had to watch it and lean forward to keep the front in the ground in steep hills. Would that be happening because of a too low positioned saddle? I messed with it the last ride we had on some downhills and clunked it down, and I may not have returned it to its right place. Having the saddle a bit lower in steep climbs would push me over the rear end and make the Prophet front wander even if climbing seated and centered? Can't complain about it, though. It climbs way better than any of my previous rides, so I wonder if it still can get any better than this.

    Anyway, its climbing abilities are outstandly surprising, never had so much traction on a bike like this. It really impresses me more everyday. After a couple months with it now, I came to realize this: you simply can't race it, though; but it will take you where no other XC bike could ever dream going to. That's why this bike is so amazing. This IS AM and I feel like a GIANT (like a big guy actually, and not the popular bike brand! ).

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    I've ridden both bikes i have a prophet and love it. A riding buddy that works at a trek store has an o7 fuel ex 9. I've ridden it and i like it but not as much as my dale. it might be the setup he has but i'm not sure. the new ex bikes have the abp that might give it a leg up but whatever i'm still not gonna buy one. I LOVE MY PROPHET!!!

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