Whistler bike

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  • 02-05-2012
    Whistler bike
    I have a Knolly DT (not current model) that I love but an making a once in a life time trip to Whistler later this year and was thinking about changing frames.

    The issue I have with the Knolly is that I find the front wheel is ver light while climbing and this also seems to translate into vague steering whilst cornering on loose terrain.

    I have ridden a 2011 One that was set up for a much larger person and it felt extremely planted whilst going downhill and pedaled well.

    I am stronger at jumping than I am at riding steeps.

    Would the Canfield One (all other things being equal) handle Whistler steeps better than the Knolly, based on the longer reach and slacker HA or should I just be happy and learn how to ride properly?
  • 02-06-2012
    Almost 80% of my riding is on steep slowish, tech stuff. I'm really most comfortable when riding steeper terrain. The One is just as comfortable doing the same thing. It's completely capable in this type of environment, and the more I push the further it will take you. With the shock and fork setup correctly the One will idle through deep roots and rock laden features at a slow pace while maintaining momentum. It prefers to be ridden quicker though. For the older school type riding it is very adaptable, even with the numbers it sports.

    Then take it out of that enviroment and put it on the fast flowing jump line type trails, let off the brakes and let it go. It is built for speed and rails like my Legend. It loves air time (I don't give it enough) and craves high speed. It's very stiff and compliant.

    I can't compere to the DT but I have ridden last years Delirium some. Great bike! Doesn't pedal as well as the one, but for each other characteristic it's comparable.

    So is the one good for Whistler? YES. Start up the top in Goats Gully and finish on A-Line, IMO it's very well suited for whistler, more rounded for someone like me. It's the Whistler quiver killer.
  • 02-08-2012
    It's the One for Whizzer :D