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    What stem length works best for you on your N9?

    I recently purchased a 2017 Nimble 9 medium frame and have been acquiring components for the build. One thing I am not sure about, is what length stem to start with. The last two bikes I built were both rigid singlespeeds, a 2008 Vassago Jabberwocky and a 2016 Kona Unit. A Thomson 70mm X4 works well on the Unit, but considering the longer reach of the N9 frame and along with a Fox 130mm fork, I am thinking that maybe a 50mm would be a good starting point. For those riding the latest generation N9 frame, what have you found works best for you?

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    Don't own a N9, but just looking at the geo charts, unless you were running a SM Unit, the Unit actually has MORE Reach than the N9 in size Medium with the designed for fork. So going down to a 130mm fork instead of 140mm, the Reach should end up about the same as the Unit.
    HOWEVER, according to the geo charts, the N9 has about 87mm more Stack and only 10mm less BB drop, so when the fork is sagged the BB should end up about the same or maybe a tad higher and the Reach should extend a bit more because you won't need to run as many spacer under the stem which shortens reach, so depending on if you run the stem slammed or not on the N9 and where/how you ran it on the Unit, the Reach could shorten up even more.

    Guessing with all that taken into account, a 50mm stem would be a good place to start to get you back close to the cockpit setup size you had on the Unit. So if you don't have one, just buy a cheap one and give it a go, heck buy a cheap 40, 50 and 60mm so you can easily change and try them to find what works.
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    50mm is a good starting point.

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    I would look at the reach of your previous bikes plus whatever length stem you were using and work from there with an approximate total reach you should be looking for. I found out running a 20mm longer stem on my 2nd gen N9 compared to my Riot felt about right for me.

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    I appreciate everyone's input. Definitely gives me information to consider.

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