Rear Derailleur Issues on '17 Jedi-
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    Rear Derailleur Issues on '17 Jedi

    TL/DR: Anybody else having issues with rear derailleurs on their Jedi? Specifically those running a clutch mechanism?

    Long version....I've been running 10 spd Zee rear derailleurs on my '17 Jedi for the last 2+ seasons and have had nothing but problems.

    I completely destroyed the first Zee derailleur. Broke the body of the derailleur clean through near the limit screws. The limit screws were also bent and the ends were mushroomed over.

    Replaced with another Zee, and another season nearing it's end and same thing. Limit screws all bent with the end mushroomed over. Replaced the limit screw and new one is already bent. The lower cage is skewed out of alignment (looks like a bent hanger but the hanger is straight). Hasn't broken yet, but I think it's getting close.

    Neither Zee derailleur was damaged in a crash and hasn't been hit with anything.

    Also, I've been breaking derailleur cables right at the pinch bolt. I consistently break a cable on average after 3 days of park riding. This has been an known issue on the 10 spd shimano shadow+ derailleurs, which I've experienced on my other bikes, but that is maybe 1 broken cable a season. I'm very careful to properly install the cable and not over tighten the pinch bolt.

    It has me wondering whether the rearward real travel is just not compatible with a rear derailleur with a clutch mechanism. Every time you compress the shock, the chain growth causes the derailleur cage to move forward (fighting against the clutch mechanism). I'm sure that has some small affect on small bump sensitivity, but more importantly it seems like that cage slamming forward on fast compressions is battering the derailleur to death (ramming the limit screws into the stop).

    I'm running an 11x26 10 speed cassette and I have my chain length set long enough to get into the 26T sprocket with enough play to account for chain growth. I don't think I can go much longer without the chain being slack in the 11T, so I don't think I've got a chain length issue, or at least one that I can solve. Anytime I'm headed downhill I'm in the 11T where the chain is at it's slackest, so should have least impact on the derailleur when the shock is moving through it's travel.

    I've loosened the tension on the clutch as far as I can stand. Any looser and and my bike sounds like $7 in nickels in a close dryer coming down the trail. But the issue hasn't gone away.

    I'm hesitant to upgrade to a Saint rear derailleur for fear of trashing that too.

    Only other issue variable I can think of is B-tension adjustment. I've got it set with the upper pulley a bit farther from the cassette than I would like, but I have to have it that way to keep the derailleur from slamming into the underside of the chain stay.

    I'm a competent mechanic who hasn't had a bike in to a shop in over 25 years despite maintaining a fleet of about 25 bikes for our family of 6, plus working on friends bikes when asked. I build all my bikes from the frame up, build my own wheels, do all the service on my forks and shocks etc., but this has me stumped. Anyway, I'm open to suggestions as I'm out of ideas, and I could very easily be missing something on my setup.
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    I haven't had anything like what you've described happen, but my 9spd Saint derailleur on my 2012 Jedi did bend out enough that shifting didn't really work. I don't remember hitting anything but could have. I bent the derailleur back enough to get it to work (hanger was still true). So it could be from the chain tension.

    I'm probably going to take it single speed during the off season as I never really seem to shift riding park anyway. I did notice the lower cage moved quite a bit during compression so I'm going to have to get a pretty robust tensioner.

    Anyway hope you get this worked out.

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    9 speed non-clutch sram x9 for the past 2 years, no issues whatsoever
    i am guessing the clutch mechanism is the cause?
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