"The One" 29er?

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  • 03-17-2012
    "The One" 29er?
    Canfields, any plans for a One 29er? So many nice 5" travel 29ers out this year, just figured you guys have to be looking at making the One into a 29er soon.
  • 03-17-2012
    Why????? Why ruin a good thing and make it a 29er.... Sorry just partial to 26"wheels. Tried the 29er thing wasnt for me. But I guess it would work for others though
  • 03-17-2012
    I have seen 1 in person...
    It was fast but flatted much so I never got to ride it. :madman::madmax::madman:

    So I am sure its just a matter of time before you see 1, you know to Balance things out.

  • 03-18-2012
    As far as what plans they may have down the road, there was this post a few weeks ago in the "Canfield. Please give me a...." thread.


    Originally Posted by cSquared View Post
    Hey guys,
    We love to hear what everyone wants-
    But- just so everyone knows... New bikes take a very long time to design, prototype, test, and then finally produce. Some where around 2 years.

    You will not be seeing anything in the full suspension frame side this year.
    We are keen on a 26" 140 and a 29" 100mm.
    We are mocking up the suspension platforms- and will most likely have proto's next spring.

    And FYI for all the fans- We are always reading, watching, and aware of the market, forums, and trends. We have wanted to do a more AM/XC frame or frames for awhile now.
    But, remember-
    We are self funded. And like it that way.
    We have been working on other projects (ie- components, and hardtails) that make more money- which will allow for more cool stuff in the future.
    And we don't always just build stuff with money in mind. We build stuff a lot of the time, for the love of the perfect ride- and not for what the market is asking for. (9t micro drive)
    Like our Jedi- a rearward Pulley DH frame- We know a traditional frame with a tradition wheel path is what the market is all about- and we could make a unreal version of that. (and might one day) But if you have ridden a Jedi- you know. It is magical.

    So just wait. We are bring some really mind blowing stuff out in a few years. A couple of frames with a new suspension platform that changes the game.

    Keep demands coming- We're listening.

  • 03-18-2012
    I hope they don't build a f.s. 29er because i would then have 3 Canfields in my stable :D
  • 03-18-2012
    A 29er One? I dunno, that means it'll have to do everything from AM to DH race. If anything I'd expect a them to come out with a hard-hitting trail/AM 29er.

    I'd say that pic is probably at least two years old, if the bro's have been working on a FS 29er for the last couple of years it'll for sure throw a cat amongst the 29er pigeons when its finally released.