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    Niner MCR vs Nimble9

    Does anyone have ample saddle time on both of these bikes? I am very interested in a comparison of the ride qualities.

    For the past year, I've split my time between a Pivot Mach 4 and a Niner MCR. While there are things I like about the big wheels, I just plain have more fun on my Mach 4. I want to like the 29'er, I really do! The MCR just doesn't come close to matching the nimbleness of my Mach 4. This brings me to the Nimble9. The geometry couldn't be more different than the MCR, and this intrigues me. I would think they would ride quite differently. I am thinking I would find the ride of the Nimble9 more to my liking. As a bonus, I could transfer all of my parts from the MCR to the Nimble9 with the exception of the front der.

    Hoping for input....anyone?

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    I've owned an MCR for a year now, so I have a good idea of the way it rides - I also have a Titus Motolite and have spent a good amount of time on my brothers Mach 5. Like you, those two bikes are just more fun to ride than the MCR(even if I'm a little slower on my local trails which lend themselves pretty well to 29ers).

    Today was my first ride on my Yelli Screamy and I was pretty much blown away with it - there is no comparison in the way the YS spins up when compared to the MCR. The YS has more of that 'on top of the bike' feeling whereas the MCR has a very 'in the bike' feel - I'd give the MCR the edge there, but I can certainly get used to the YS. Even though the YS felt high, it's still the type of bike you can get on and feel pretty comfortable right away. Climbing went pretty well on the YS and the front end only tried to float on the steepest climbs(this is with a 120mm fork). So far, I'm pretty happy with the YS and I see my MCR getting less and less of my ride time in the future.

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