Need some quick help with sizing on an N9-
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    Need some quick help with sizing on an N9

    Hoping some resident fit/geo gurus can help me.

    I'm thinking of buying my wife a Small N9. She's currently riding an XS Surly Pugsley, which is her first mtb, and it fits her well.

    Last year she rented a Jamis Dragonslayer 27.5+ which she loved. I show the smallest Jamis makes is a 15" version which I think is considered a small.

    She's 5'3". Not sure on her other dimensions.

    I've had multiple N9's myself and am familiar with the shorter more upright cockpit and am coupled with her liking the Jamis in small wondering if she might fit well on a small N9.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    IMHO your wife will be more comfortable on the N9 a little less streched out seated, even with 165 or shorter cranks. Standing she'll have a bit more room to move around. But not pitched forward.

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    I bet that would work really well for her. Just as a point of reference for you, when I'm really warm and stretched out I might be 5'5". I'm on a small, 50mm stem, gigantically wide bars, 165mm cranks, and I feel like it's perfect. I went back and forth about doing a medium instead of a small but am very satisfied with the small. That said, I wouldn't want to go smaller! Good luck.

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    Find the reach number on her current bike, and the Jamis she liked. Pick the size closest to that.
    In terms of fitting a bike, it's 85-90% reach, 10-15% stack, everything else (including seat tube which companies like Jamis still use for sizing) is basically irrelevant [for fit]. Reach is the only thing you can't do anything about if it's not right (i.e., if the stack isn't right, you can use more or less spacers or a different bar).

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