Medium or Large Screamy?

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  • 03-25-2017
    Medium or Large Screamy?
    Did a search, tried comparing my 29er FS 100mm frame reach & stack numbers, but then started reading about how the seat tube position makes those numbers "not real" I'm asking:

    What size Screamy frame would I fit best on. I am 177cm height (5'10") with 32" pant inseam. Plan to run 120mm fork with 51mm offset, my bars are wide flat carbon and as for stem I'm all for swapping out to get the right fit.

    Thanks in advance.
  • 03-25-2017
    Reach is real, but effective top tube is not.
  • 03-25-2017
    Good to know. My current bike has a 16.6" reach and I use a 90mm stem and 780mm wide bars.

    An old internet post stated regarding 140mm fork geometry "....if you were to bump down to a 120mm fork on the YS, this would effectively lengthen the reach from 14.9″ to 16″ on a medium."
  • 03-27-2017
    I am the same height and pant inseam on a large yelli.

    50mm 0deg Thomson stem 20mm spacer underneath
    750mm Thomson Trail Carbon handlebar
    150mm Giant Contact Switch dropper
    130mm Rockshox Yari
    175mm cranks

    Fit feels very nice.
  • 04-06-2017
    Large definitely gets my vote. I'm 3+" shorter than you, with 2" less inseam and short arms relative to my torso. 720mm bars with 20mm rise on a 60mm stem that's 5mm away from being slammed, and wouldn't want my medium to be even the tiniest bit smaller.