• 12-03-2018
    looking for push eleven six for balance 2017
    hello my friends, if someone wants to sell their Push ElevenSix shock for the canfield balance 2017 please send me a email to [email protected] or a PM

    thank you very much!!
  • 12-14-2018
    Push is having a close-out sale: https://www.pushindustries.com/colle...ear-color-only

    The Balance is not listed but you can still try asking.
  • 12-15-2018
    Rone Turner
    Dude. If you want a 11-6, get one from Push. You can get it set up for any bike from them for the rest of your life. Nobody that bought one for their Balance is going to sell you one. They will keep it after they wear out theyíre Balance. If you donít want to spend that kind of $, get a Jade from DVO. I have one my Balance and my Riot. I donít doubt that the 11-6 is a great shock, but I bet I can run with any 11-6 equipped bike, any bike, with my Jade. I ride with a couple of friends that have them and I would love to have one, but other shocks are close for less. Iím not a great rider, so some will be able to tell the difference that I wonít be able to but, I think itís more about the bike than the shock. Spend the money if you can, or get a good coil for less. Either way you will love a coil on the Balance.