Is a Jedi worthwhile if I already have a Balance?-
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    Is a Jedi worthwhile if I already have a Balance?

    It's about $1000 for the whole bike from 2009, but with newer components. Not sure what the changes from 2009 are like or if there is too much overlap with Balance--I don't go to bike parks often, but there are a couple serious downhill trails I'd like to get comfortable on. Good deal? Worth getting?

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    Your question kind of sounds like it's coming from someone that doesn't know what a downhill bike is.

    There's zero overlap with the Balance, so no worries there. Not going to bike parks often is a big "not worth it" indicator.
    These downhills you want to get better at, do you have a shuttle or some other way up them? because you aren't going to be pedaling up on a dedicated DH bike.

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    Overlap is a relative thing. My Balance is my downhill bike. But I enjoy it so much that I ride it everywhere. You can't do that with the Jedi. I haven't ridden a Jedi. Only rented DH bikes at Angelfire. The only bike park I've been to, so far. So my experience is limited. Last year bought the Balance instead of renting a DH bike. I will never rent one again. I had more fun, jumped higher and rode faster, with more confidence than anything I've been on. And I didn't rent the cheap ones. Demo 8 and V10s. A Jedi would be faster on some parts. More forgiving on some. Land bigger drops and jumps. But 90% of bike park trails and DH trails in general, I think the Balance is better. If your riding Crankworks in Vigin Utah or racing DH or want to go as fast as you can over anything? Then Jedi. Everything else. The Balance is the perfect bike for slaying the downs. If your not confident on your Balance going down, you need to ride more bike parks on it. Being able to ride jumps and fast DH over and over will help. Maybe put a coil shock on if you're not running one. That being said, if I had a chance to buy a Jedi, with newer components, for $1000. I wouldn't pass it up. It would be a blast to ride.

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    You can never have too many Canfields.

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    That is a nice looking Balance. I went black frame with DVO. What you did with the green on the raw looks really good. Like that rear fender too. Where did you get it?

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