Is Jedi going to be a 29 soon ;) ?-
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    New question here. Is Jedi going to be a 29 soon ;) ?

    The arrival of the SC syndicate V10 29 has been the talk/fight/discussion/debate in cyberspace.

    So... any chance of having a jedi 29 anytime soon
    Canfield Yelli Screamy

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    When I saw the 29" V10, I had the same thought. If anyone can make a 29er DH bike work, it's the Bros

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    And of course, if there's a DH bike meant to blast through the chunkiest crap, it's the Jedi. Seems like big wheels might be a natural fit for the character of the bike.

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    I kinda doubt it would be the Jedi, but in last year's VitalMTB chat session, Chris was clear about wanting to do a big (160-180) 29er.

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    Its no secret anymore that 29ers are fast! In the earlier days, the geo and components were not there. We finally have good rubber and from the sounds of it, actual 29er DH fork chassis now. Lance and Chris always figured they could make the geo fun and that is where the N9 and Yelli all started.

    Around 2010 (as I remember it,as that was the year JEDI I was riding), Chris built him self a "custom" 29er long travel bike. 6'' rear and a DH white Bros. fork on 29'' 2.5 WTB tires. Those tires were like riding on GLASS, but it was good enough for the weekend of DH racing and testing. We are in Sol Vista CO, there is some MONSTER jumps on the hill and everyone is getting them dialed in practice. You come out the woods into a open ski hill and you have a nordic-ski jump style lip that carries you 40+ feet. To this day, every time I see that bike, I always remind Chris that is the bike that he has gone the biggest on...... It was a very windy weekend and not sure how the big wheels would react, Chris launched his bike off the jump......and land some 90' down the trail. The big wheels just filled like a sail and kept him in the air forever......I think it sacred the shit outta him. Good ole frankenbike! Yes a 29er JEDI would be amazing!! If you love 29ers and have a real good handle on their attributes and abilities, a DH platform would be scary fast! I already go too fast on my 27.5 version. BUT.....I will say, the magic of the Jedi simulates a larger rear wheel so if you want to go the 29er FOX fork on the front.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gollub01 View Post the 29er FOX fork on the front.
    :-O Oh man... what an idea!

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    Let's get the big AM 29er first. Let it be longer in all aspects. The bros where the first to bring the short ass stays, now be the first for a North American company to bring looong ass wheelbase

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