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    Has anyone put regular 27.5 wheels on their riot

    As the heading suggests Iím curios as to if anyone has put regular 27.5 wheels on their riot. Iím curios as to how it changed it good or bad.

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    I tried 27.5+ tires with it originally but have since decreased to a 2.6 Butcher on front and 2.5 Breakout on 30mm ID rims. I know Dusty and a few others used 2.5 breakouts at first as the plus options were not spectacular when they first came out so i would also look at those posts (i believe in the general riot thread). I never really got along well with the 2.8 nobby nic. The tire felt vague and i could never really get it to the point where it didnt feel squirmy (to low PSI) or bouncy (to high). So i tried a larger volume 2.6 butcher up front and the 2.5 breakout out back. No adjustments made to fork so still 140F/R with a 46mm offset.

    You will definitely notice the bike sits lower overall Front/Rear. I like how the bike bottom bracket was lowered. Im a tad below 13 inches now which is pretty slammed. I live in Austin and the trails I ride are limestone chunk. Tend to be slow/steep/chunky with short bursts of speed and punchy climbs. I really have to watch my pedal strokes over some of the steps. The rear end feels a bit more playful and active. I suspect that with the short chain stay and smaller wheel i lost some roll over from the 29er. I doesnt feel like my wheel gets caught up but i definitely a little slower. With the 27.5 wheels feels a bit easier for me to get the back end up for bunnyhops and jumps. Im loving the 2.6 since you get the some of the compliance of the larger volume tires without the squirm. I really feels like a normal tire but with a bit more cushion to me. The handling doesnt really lose much of anything, feels a bit more sharp and quick but a little less composed when the speeds really pick up. Whats odd is that the 27.5 feels faster even though for me it's not. The big wheels really do carry speed well when your up to speed (where i dont feel faster but am).

    Personally i like having the option to switch between the tires (and often ride 27.5 rear/29er front). For me it feels like the 27.5 setup adds a bit more playfulness and flick-ability up front. My thought is the 29er is so naturally playful that when you add the inherit advantage of big wheels in chunky rock and the ability to carry more speed it's really hard for me to go full 27.5. The wagon wheels feel like you get an additional 15mm of suspension with no big penalty. Just my elongated 2cents. YMMV

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    I loved the Riot with the 2.5 Breakout tires. I liked the lower overall feel and how it handled. It's a great option, give it a shot

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    My wife has a,Kona Process, so I grabbed her wheels one day. 2.3 minions, with 165mm cranks it's not that bad, but BB was pretty low, fun on a smooth flow trail, felt like a BMX lol. But most the trails I rid I'd never get to peddle. I'd like to try it with 2.5s and 30mm rims.
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    I have 35id rims with maxis Dhf front and Rekon rear. The 2.8 maxxis measure to only 2.6 in these rims, giving them the feel of a regular 27,5 with the benifits if a high volume tire. I use canfields 155mm cranks with an oval chainring and onyx instant engagement hubs. With this setup, I can ride everything.No pedal strikes, fast spinning gets you over the chunk, never went back to my 29 wheelset

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