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    Chris Canfield

    Anyone have an update on Chris's condition?
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    Not knowing how up to date you maybe, their website has this very encouraging news:

    Sunday – Surgery finally! A few hours after surgery, Chris walked – yes – WALKED into the waiting room where Lance & Michelle and sisters Paige and April are hanging. Chris does look like a guy who just had surgery – but more importantly, he was walking! and gives everyone a thumb’s up!

    As of Sunday afternoon, there’s a good chance Chris will be released Monday and begin his summer-long recovery.

    Monday morning ~ Lance received a call that Chris has been released and is being taken to his mom’s house in Layton. GREAT NEWS!!!

    I spoke with him several times this week and he's sounding good. But I didn't ask how he was progressing....I'm just a customer, not a friend
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    Good news. Thanks for the update.

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    That blog update is pretty old already.

    ... but things cannot be too bad if he's up to talking to a customer

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    Walking is HUGE with that kind of FX. Good news!
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    Thanks for the love guys-
    I'm doing great- I'm 7 weeks in and got another 7 to go to grow the bones through the joint that they bolted together. (c5/c6)
    But I'm out of my brace- stiff and tight- but Happy as Hell that I can move my arms!
    Looks like I'll be 100% by Nov.

    Big up- way UP- to all those who have donated to the fund. Really inspiring to have see how people come together-(even a bunch I don't know and have never met) and express love and support when called on. So huge thanks to everyone-

    So- go out there and get on your bikes- All of you!

    Note- this scared the hell out of me- Neck Braces are good thing- and I would have walked away if I had one on.

    Our new employee Sean did the same jump with the same result with his Leatte on and walked away fine- and he's got it on Go-pro. Looks exactly what I did- even hit the small side of the landing as me- freaky=


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    Great to hear Chris!

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    Fantastic new Chris, so glad you're alright and will be able to make a full recovery Always not nice to hear when this happens to anyone, but hope that those who know and read about it and who maybe don't use one, will reconise the importance of the neck brace and what it can help prevent.
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    Great to hear you are healing up Chris. HEaring about your crash finally pushed me over the edge (along with my wife due to have our first baby here any day) and I finally put down the money on a Leatt.

    I will be taking my Leatt and Jedi up to Istreet soon to get some jumps in for you man.

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