• 09-11-2009
    Canfield Nimble 9 29'er, get your pedal on!
  • 09-11-2009
    A Canfield with water bottle mounts, crazy.
  • 09-12-2009
    more pics please .. would love to see the seat-stay/seat-tube juncture closeup.

    love the forward-offset and short chain-stay!

    psst .. canfield 29er full-sus, you guys doing something right?
  • 09-14-2009
    Awesome! Now if I can just get my hands on one of these I would be set. :thumbsup:


    I will take one of each hardtail (26 and 29) in size small. Just let me know when they come in :D

    Keep the good work fellas :cool:
  • 09-17-2009
    mullet dew
    Damn that bike has some clean lines, those dropouts make me want to touch myself.