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  • 08-30-2009
    Anyone ride a Can-Can? Any input? Looking for a ride report.

    Thanks in advance!
  • 11-18-2009
    Well, I am riding one.
    My general comment would be that this is incredibly versatile bike.

    I have ridden it for few month now. First, I used it as a mini-dh bike. I raced it at Aston Hill DH race (I was mega slow but that was due to my lack of skills :) ). It was built with Totem Coil forks. I felt it was a superb setup - Totem Coil worked well with CCDB.

    Then I used it as a small play bike. I used it with Fox 36 at 110mm. With the saddle down it was great. The low standover helped me a lot as I made is easier for me to move around the bike. With an air shock (currently RP23 HV on the way) it would be a perfect full-sus dual-slalom bike. Fast, agile, easy to move around.

    Lately I started using it as a XC bike. Still with 110mm Fox 36, with 410mm seatpost all up. It rides quite good, though CCDB is not that good for XC riding. Once I receive the correct bushing for my 09 Fox RP23 HV, this shock goes in. I had some spare lightweight wheels and once they are ready, I should be able to further drop the weight.
    Do not get me wrong, this is not an ultra lightweight XC whipped, but it was not designed to be. I would call it a very capable XC bike for a strong rider, who prefers a solid feeling of the bike rather than the constant worry about breaking the frame in half.
    I have not used it as an AM bike but with an adjustable seatpost CanCan would be quite capable to doing a great variety of riding.

    It would be a perfect bike to ride Megavalanche. Get some heavy duty tyres, adjustable seatpost, either fox 36 or Totem forks and you should be sorted.

    I should be able to provide more XC feedback in few weeks time. The winter is comming so there will not be any gravity riding for a while. Instead, I will be training to get fitter (much needed) and to get familiar with the way CanCan feels.

    Pics to come :)
  • 11-18-2009
    pics please!
  • 11-19-2009

    Originally Posted by wcr
    pics please!

    I will try to take some tomorrow but I must warn that the bike is all dirty and muddy now.
  • 11-20-2009
    Pictures as promised:



  • 11-20-2009
    what size do you have? Do you still get the fork-frame interference with the bigger headtube?

  • 11-20-2009
    Size is medium. I do not have any fork-frame interference but I am running it with a taller bottom cup - 12mm taller or so.
    I will take some details pics if you want to see the exact setup and the clearence.
  • 11-20-2009
    :eekster: What kind of seatpost is that? I don't think I've ever seen one that long.
  • 11-21-2009
    Wow that the biggest seatpost ive ever seen
  • 11-21-2009
    yah, longest seatpost I've ever seen, that thing is fuggin huge
  • 11-22-2009
    I think the pictures are a little bit unfortunate. I will try to take some with the seat post down the way I use the bike to play around the woods.

    The seat post is 410mm long SDG I-Beam. Luckily I am not that tall and I still have healthy 100mm of the seat post inside the seat tube. I even contacted Chris Canfield about it and he confirmed that with at least 100mm in the frame will be fine.

    The Fox shock bushings should be with me mid next week so the Fox RP23 gets fitted.
    Otherwise no changes.
  • 11-26-2009
    Now in a play bike mode: