• 10-15-2018
    Bros cranks and Chris king bottom bracket.
    So Iím on my 3 rd bb in 600 miles on my nimble9. I run the bros cranks on all 4 my canfield bikes. I usually just buy a cheap sram gxp bb. But I thought I would try a king one and hopefully get a lot more life out it. The bb didnít come with any spacers or shims. And when I install my cranks they wobble. So what am I missing.

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  • 10-15-2018
    Chris king bb usually have an adapter for certain cranks, you need one for the candied cranks since they are made to use the gxp standard, which on one side is 2mm smaller, so there should be a plastic adapter kit for the ck bb

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  • 10-15-2018
    Thanks thatís what I was thinking but wasnít sure

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  • 10-16-2018
    The original BB that comes with the cranks is realy good imho (whoever actually makes them). First BB to last longer than one season on my DH-bike.

    Regarding the wobble, are you sure youīve fastended the bolt on the non-drive side? Sounds obvious, but of the four set of cranks that I own, one was noticable more difficult to fasten (the last few turns).
  • 10-17-2018
    Hi, guys
    I need to replace self extracting crank bolt for bros cranks.
    Not sure which I need.
    Will this one fit? Any suggestions?
    FSA ML054 Crank Bolts M15