• 09-19-2017
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    Balance sizing - torn between L and XL
    I am 6'0, fairly middle-of-the-road proportions (34" cycling inseam, 32" pants inseam, 34.5" shirt sleeve length), and looking at the Balance as a second bike for longer/epic rides on rougher terrain. I would be using the Balance as a long-legged trail bike that can deal better with terrain that overwhelms shorter-travel trailbike, (not as park / mini-DH sled - too old for that now!)

    My everyday trail bike is a L 2017 Knolly Endorphin, and previous trail bike was a L 2014 Banshee Spitfire. Going from the Banshee (615mm ETT) to the Knolly (637 ETT), I really like the roomier fit and longer reach. Knollys run a bit bigger than Banshees in the same size, but Canfield's sizing seems more similar to Banshee.

    Based on my specs, the L Balance is the recommended size, but the L has a 614mm ETT (like the Banshee), whereas the XL has a 636 ETT(like the Knolly). Of course, you can't look at one measurement in isolation. The Knolly has 465mm in reach, L Balance is 457mm, and XL is 476mm. Concerns with going to an XL would be slower handling around tight terrain since the wheelbase is a full 1" more, and a lot of other dimensions are sized significantly up.

    Any thoughts on this sizing dilemma?
  • 09-19-2017
    Personally I'd say at your height it's a toss-up. Would you rather have a longer bike, or a shorter bike? It sounds like you know the trade-off of each.

    I'm 6'4" with a 34" pants inseam and 36" shirt sleeves, and the XL fits me well. But bikes are getting longer and longer these days, and with a 35mm stem I doubt you'd feel over-stretched.

    OTOH a Large may have better resale.
  • 09-20-2017
    I'm 6'2" with a 34" inseam, and love the fit of my large Yelli (with 787mm bars/ 60mm stem). I'm also considering getting a a Balance (making it a Canfield sweep in my garage, I also have a dj). If so, it would be a large as well. I put more value on shorter seattubes than longer reach, though.
  • 09-26-2017
    I'm just shy of 6'2", 36.5" cycling inseam (35 pants inseam) and 37 shirt sleeves. Definitely short torso, long arms/legs. Very happy on my XL Balance and XL yelli, both with 35 stem.

    Zuuds, sounds like you would probably be fine on either size, but you mentioned you liked the roomier fit, so maybe the XL would be better?

    However, you didn't mention what stem length you run on the other bikes. On a previous bike (Canfield One), I noticed a big difference in handling/cornering when I switched from a 65mm stem to 35mm stem, so my preference would be to go with the longer ETT and shorter stem. The drawback with the XL would be that if the reach turned out to be too far, you can't really go shorter than a 35mm stem, whereas if you felt a bit cramped on the L, you could go with a 50mm stem.

    The other thing to consider is what length of dropper you intend to use. If you planned to run something longer than 150mm, you may not want to go with the XL.
  • 09-28-2017
    I'm 6' 1", 34" inseam, short torso, long arms/legs like twd953 before me. I debated for a while, ended up going with an XL Balance (2016 frame). I'm running a 35mm stem with a 760mm bar at the moment (I have a narrow frame), but I will be trying my other spare carbon bars at 785mm (length I'm use to on the DH bike) very soon. Fits perfect to me. All these years I've been riding a frames that were too small for me. Feels good man!