Balance or Riot for Porcupine Rim-
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    Balance or Riot for Porcupine Rim

    Hey All,

    Going to Outerbike in October and signed up for the Porcupine Rim ride on Friday...never ridden the Porcupine Rim (rode several other areas in Moab though). Cant decide if I want to ride the Riot or the Balance...for those of you that ridden the Porcupine Rim, would bike would be best?

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    I'd take the Riot. I've ridden the Whole Enchilada on 5", 6" and 7" bikes and the Riot will be a good tool and loads of fun.
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    Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong with either. I've ridden porc a couple times on my balance, and it handled it better than any bike I've ridden on that trail, including my 8" travel Canfield The One. But I think the Riot would do equally as well, just a bit different.

    I've not spent much time on a Riot, but I've ridden 29ers long enough to know that the larger wheels on the Riot will give you a bit of extra roll-over in the lower speed square edge chunky sections, but the longer travel on the balance will soak up the chunk a little better blasting through the fast sections.

    I feel like if you're really charging, the only limiter on the Riot would probably be the 140mm fork. Then again, I own 3 Canfield bikes ('13 One, '15 yelli, and '17 Balance), and I always feel like the fork just can't quite keep up with the frames.

    If you prefer one wheelsize over the other, go that route. If not....well, flip a coin. You'll have a blast on either bike.

    Crap...all that typing and I forgot the obvious answer. Do a lap on each!

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    Thanks guys, appreciate your input!

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    I saw your post in the all mountain thread and immediately thought you were describing a Riot with a coil.

    It probably depends on what you want to do on PR. Both bikes will adequately get you through (did it on a Nimble 9 earlier this year), you'll probably be faster on the Balance and doing more jumping around on the Riot. Should be a good time regardless.

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    I would choose the balance if you want to haul ass and the riot if you want to go a bit slower (but still fast). My riot beat me up a bit in Moab compared to my balance. I have a 170 fork on the balance and can ALMOST keep up with the rear suspension. My 140 pike was in way over its head being stuck on the front of my riot in moab. The 140mm fork hold the riot back IMHO.

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