another "One"

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  • 09-09-2009
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    another "One"
    I just got done building my one it weighs in at 33.26lbs
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  • 09-10-2009
    surprising it came out to 33 and change...would have thought closer to 30 based on your build specs.

    but sweet ride nonetheless.
  • 09-10-2009
    Yeah I know it feels as light as my 28lb trail bike when I ride it and it floats over obstacles.
  • 09-11-2009
    I'm picking one up too.

    That a large?
  • 09-17-2009
    Love the lime green. I have a Lyrik I cant wait to see mated to a One from too.
  • 09-18-2009
    Awesome bike man! My One has been great, I love that bike :D

    I have a Pushed 09 5.0 DHX rear just like yours if you want an upgrade? Shoot me a PM if you want to talk more while your shox is new. I only got 20 hrs on it so its like new.

    Its has:
    Factory Tuning System
    Performance tuning taking into consideration rider weight, style and bike model.
    * Complete Factory Rebuild (listed above)
    * Installation of PUSH VxRII High Flow Piston
    * Installation of PUSH asymmetrical valve piston bolt eliminating crossover of external adjusters
    * Compression Revalve
    * Rebound Revalve
    * PUSH Factory Conical Bottoming Bumper

    For more info:
  • 09-18-2009
    I had just talked to those boys because they are down the road from me and they said they had just done a rear for the "one" so how do you like the change?
  • 09-18-2009
    To me it was like going from ok to awesome! :) It did not spike up on me any more. The stock on was not keeping up on certain sections of our harder trails. Sometimes when doing a big drop on the One the landings were little harsh on the stock DHX, where as the Pushed one was like butter on same landing :thumbsup:

    I got a Jedi and my One has been sitting. I may have some down time and need some extra cash for new rims for the Jedi.

    350 shipped (and insured) to you if you want it. You should be able to get 300-400 for yours new without trying to hard so you could have a nice upgrade for cheap.

    Let me know, if not no worries the One is awesome even with stock Fox Shock.