I'm going to take a look at a Cove Shocker 2011. The guy who sells it has it set up with Fox 40 2012, Saint Brakes 2012, Sram X7, Quad 32 wheels.
Where I live there aren't many places for downhill certainly nothing like whisler or the alps, so it should be in mint condition. He got it brand new from the shop.
I can probably get it for 2k$ usd.
Is that a good price?

Are there any specific problems I should be aware of in Cove Shocker 2011? Does the frame break in any specific places? Is it a good bike?

I'm probably going to ride it 1-2 times a month (not that many DH places here, mostly ride XC and Enduro, but want to have a DH bike and it seems like a good price and take it to the alps in the summer)