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    Whiting ranch, ebike

    So, I know pedal assist bikes are not allowed in the OC PARKS system, just trying to confirm a rumor I heard yesterday, that an eMTB rider was escorted out of whiting yesterday...I don't believe it. I've heard of warnings, i've heard of citations (although no one is clear on what the citation actually is), but not escorted out.
    If anyone has some solid intel, I am curious.

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    I saw a handful there last weekend so this is news. I saw maybe a half dozen in lcwp yesterday

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    Maybe thatís what that police helicopter circling above Santiago Canyon/ whiting yesterday morning was all about?

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    Considering you pass by a sign that says No Ebikes when you enter Whiting...at all the entrances. What ever the consiquences, you take your chances.

    Perhaps said rider has been caught in there before.
    Bicycles donít have motors or batteries.:nono:

    Ebikes are not bicycles :nono:

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    Like mtnbikej said above, there is a sign at the trail entrance were the Borrego Trail starts. I see many ebikes out there but from what I have heard the rangers are on the look out. There are also a few hidden cameras in the Whiting Ranch area as well so if are riding an ebike you will be scene. It's the hikers/walkers who are complaining as the ebikes are going a lot faster than the pedal bikes and scaring people....just what I have heard.

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