Tires getting "coated in chalk" and losing their bite-
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    Tires getting "coated in chalk" and losing their bite

    In my tire experimenting days, before settling on Maxxis Minions, I used to find it shameful that I couldn't wear out tires like the stock Butcher and Purgatory on bikes. I'd get disappointed in their performance and replace them. I wonder why that was, seeing other riders continuing to try and reporting similar experiences of tires working nicely at first, but then gradually losing trust in it and wanting to try something else.

    I rediscovered Spec tires' awesomeness in hero dirt. A pattern seemed to emerge. When new, the tires would be so sticky that the knobs would shovel and fling sand in the air, including at riders behind. Once they turn grey from a coating of some fine dust or whatever, they lose this trait. They don't feel sticky to the touch.

    I suppose they just need a frequent wash to enjoy, or be ridden somewhere without this problem...

    P.S. Kenda rubber sticks like crazy! Try it out. Aaron Gwin's riding them for a reason. Too bad they get chewed up too easily, not lasting even 1/5 as long as Minions last for me.

    Anyone else notice this? Some Panaracers I got now have this problem. I thought it was from just being kind of old and hard, but the tread feels so slick and smooth to the touch. Like the difference between a wet-wiped chalkboard and a "chalked" one... a ride buddy once theorized that dish soap or riding in freezing temps could affect tires too, setting up a case for some superstitions.
    "Never use absolutes" - a wise man, probably.

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    I don't tend to notice much difference between tires. I try to ride to a certain limit, regardless of tire performance.

    What I do usually notice is how fast I went AFTER the ride was over. Like, "Oh, I guess I like those tires, I was X faster than normal!" XC tires feel the same as enduro tires, I'm just going slower on the XC tires to hit the same limit.

    Though that is only for cornering. Climbing traction is a different story.

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    I haven't noticed anything about chalky coatings, what usually happens to me is that the side knobs get undercut and the tire loses its grip. The knobs are stretched and pulled while the dirt and rocks wear out the base, then the knobs get floppy and don't dig in when you lean the bike.

    I wouldn't put too much stock into what the pros like Gwin are riding, they are on new tires everyday and longevity is not a concern for them.

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    Dunno about chalky coatings, OP, but I HAVE notice the discrepancy in wear between Kendas and Maxxis tires.
    It's tremendous. So while Kendas may be almost half the price of Minions, the Minions last more than twice as long, especially if you also ride pavement on your bike to get to the trails, like I frequently do.

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