Stolen Bike Alert-
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    Stolen Bike Alert

    Cross posted:

    Ill keep this short. Tonight someone stole my bike from my work (Costco San juan Capistrano). Yes it was locked up. 2 Kryptonite cable locks and one Kryptonite Ulock. The cables were cut. Keep your eyes peeled and if you see anything alert the proper authorities (Me and my boys)

    2006 Specialized Big Hit 2 black
    2009 Boxxer Team black
    2011 XFusion HLR rear shock
    Red Hope hubs laced to black Atomlab rims, black spokes, red nipples (10 silver on the rear wheel)
    Avid Code Brakes black
    ODI direct mount stem black
    Race Face Atlas bars red
    Saint cranks

    This bike belongs to a bro who thanklessly puts 100's of hours into maintaining the trails on the west side of Aliso/Woods.

    There is a special place in hell for bike thieves. We'll all be watching craigslist and such. if you see the bike or parts, please PM me
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    Sorry to hear man.
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    That really sucks . . . being a victim of bike theft myself, I can relate. I hope you (your friend) gets their bike back.

    That said . . . when are people going to learn that locks DON'T WORK. An expensive bike that you don't want stolen should be kept w/in eyesight, period.

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    Sorry to make light of the subject because I do feel for you...but, when is somebody going to invent a bike rack that you can wear on your back so that you can keep your bike within arms reach at all times???
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    It sucks that your friends bike got stolen, but to be honest, if you leave it locked to a rack out in the open, it is going to be gone...

    The only safe solution is to not leave it on your rack. Sucks, but that is the way it has to be now a days.

    Expensive lesson was learned.

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    That Sucks!

    That is terrible! Sorry for your loss. I hope you get it back and justice is served on the thieves. Do you have a picture of your bike? I will be looking for it in the Santa Monica Mtn's.

    Check this link out:

    It is some kind of mash up site of ebay and craigslist listings. It should help you search for the bike if the scumbags try to sell it online. My bike was recently stolen and someone here at the forums passed the link on to me. It has been great - but unfortunately my 06 Turner RFX is still missing.

    Good Luck! - murphie
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    It seems the only use for a bike lock is to give you enough time to run outside and throw a thief a beating when you see him trying to jack your rig.
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    Sorry to hear it. I will keep my eyes open.

    Bikes are never safe outdoors unless you are present. There are marauding bands of scumbags in los angeles with bolt cutters, cordless grinders and crank pullers. Theyll steal anything and everything. Wheels, saddles, tires, cranks, catalytic converters, Cellphones, ipods, loose change, theyll even break your window for a pack of cigarettes. I suspect that if your friend brought his bike to work regularly, he got targetted.


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    This guy's bike ever get recovered? Reading about it gives me the creeps---I would never lock up a bike on a rack outside that has a Boxxer on it. Hope it was found. My 03 Bullit was never recovered
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