San Diego Rentals / Rides at Xmas-
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    San Diego Rentals / Rides at Xmas

    My wife and I are going to be visiting her parents in Del Mar from the 20th to the 28th of December or something like that and we'd like to get in a couple rides.

    It doesn't look like you can rent a real full suspension bike out there, just like here in Boston, but I thought I'd ask the locals.

    Also any trail advice, group rides or incredibly generous "I'm rich, have a bunch of old high end bikes and lots of time on my hands and would love to give you a guided tour of Nobel Canyon" type offers would be humbly appreciated ;-)

    We have nothing but rocks and roots out here so not afraid of the tech, but not really into climbing for 2 hours. I have no idea what it's like out there. We went to Elfin forest one year on crap hardtails. I don't think it represented the best SD has to offer.

    Thanks for reading!


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    Check out North of the Border Bike Shop. They're about 7 miles from Del Mar's central business district, best bike shop in SD and I know they used to do rentals, probably still do.

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    I think CalCoast (North Park) has rentals/demos, at least they used to. Also B&L bikes off Rosecrans.
    For ride info checkout If you want to find people to ride with in the area go to the calendar sub-forum on

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    +1 B&L. Always come thru. Good fleet of Specialized demos.
    Best ride that time of the year: ALL OF THE TRAILS except after rain.

    The best "rain season" trail is Anderson Truck Trail. It's not the longest trail network, but some people can just about make a career out of riding there.

    Here in LowSoCal the trails get wet and squishy and need to heal or we end up with 4+ year ruts! It's the luck of the draw if the weather remains dry (raining as I type).


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    Aging, i am an east coaster that used to travel to SD/Socal often. Difficult to rent a quality bike out there near where you are. off of sorrento valley road near pensaquitos trails (few exits from del mar) is a shop that rents crappy bikes for the day (ask the LBS located on sorrento valley road, think it is a performance bikes, and they can tell you where it is).

    Alternatively, i also used Zen Mountain Bike Tours (google it and you will find a phone number). A woman named Julie had about 6 decent F/S bikes that she would rent out (you bring pedals). She provides guided rides and bike rentals go along with the guided ride. I can't remember what i paid or where we went to ride (Sycamore canyon?) but she kicked my ass and I had a great time.

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