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    Rider down near Elsinore - Repost of Eric's helivac video

    Michael Kim had a bad crash Sunday near Elsinore and got air vac'd out. Two broken ribs and a broken femur. I don't know the trail, but I do know there's plenty of built up and gnar trails out there.

    Michael posted on his FB page that he'll be out for 2 months, which I think is pretty dern quick for a broken femur.

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    Wow. Hope he recovers well. Something we all know could happen to any of us, and yet in some weird way, it's part of the excitement. The steep exposure, the occasional predators, bad weather, and mostly the strong possibility of a bad fall are all too real, and in the back of our minds. Yet we all yearn for more. We crave it. Best wishes to Michael for a speedy and total recovery!

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    Bummer, don't know Michael but heal up quick!
    nothing witty here...

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    Hate hearing that. Best wishes for Michael.

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    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Femur is a *****, take your time.

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    Healing vibes and a speedy recovery!

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    i f you ever met Mike Kim you will know he is a first class person...very very nice ...and first to lend a hand.... speedy recovery man...Healing Vibes...Whistler is calling
    the trick is ENJOYING YOUR LIFE EACH DAY, don't waste them away wishing for better days

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    compound fractured my femur 11 months ago(motocross), took me 2 months to walk again,i had a rod put inside my femur,i have 7 screws in my knee, and had 2 in my hip holding the rod in place, long behold the gap between my bone was still there had little to no growth. after numerous issues with my ortho and him saying i was fine the whole time, i went and got a second opinion with a surgeon in corona. as soon as he took xrays he came in and said i needed a bone graft and 2 screws removed from my hip. 2 weeks later had surgery, this was about a month ago. removed 2 screws from hip and compacted my bone together along with bone graft. now things are looking alot better, i have no pain in my hip any more gotta stay off the bike for 4 more weeks. but to the original poster 2 months is a short time unless it was a light fracture. i hope for a speedy recovery for him and that he does get back at it in 2 months. just depends on how well it can grow back, in my case it didnt but now back on track

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