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    Rancho La Costa Conservation Area - Ride and User Meeting

    I got this announcement in my inbox last week about an upcoming meeting concerning area that has often been referred to as Denk Mountain. It is a North County San Diego trail system that has always been on my "Gotta check that out someday" list but never got around to it until today. I'm already comitted to coaching a hockey game on Saturday so I can't make the meeting. I did carve out some time this morning to check the area out. The area, while small, ain't bad at all. Considering the way North County San Diego open land is dwindling, you should look check out this area. The CNLM manages this area which is the same group that "manages" flightline so it is a good idea to be involved early in whatever is going on. The user group meeting is at 11AM, but SDMBA is leading a group ride starting at 9AM.

    Here are a few pictures from this morning's once over ride through the place. The bits of trail pictured here represent pretty much the more technical/steep parts of the system. Most of the trail is fairly smooth with bits of stuff like this stuff here and there.

    <IMG SRC="https://www.mountainbikebill.com/images/Trails/DenkMt/DenkMountain-02MAR07-10.jpg" border="3">

    <IMG SRC="https://www.mountainbikebill.com/images/Trails/DenkMt/DenkMountain-02MAR07-16.jpg" border="3">

    <IMG SRC="https://www.mountainbikebill.com/images/Trails/DenkMt/DenkMountain-02MAR07-25.jpg" border="3">

    <IMG SRC="https://www.mountainbikebill.com/images/Trails/DenkMt/DenkMountain-02MAR07-30.jpg" border="3">

    <IMG SRC="https://www.mountainbikebill.com/images/Trails/DenkMt/DenkMountain-02MAR07-33.jpg" border="3">

    Here is the announcement


    See the announcement below for an important trail meeting in the
    Carlsbad area. Rancho La Costa Conservation Area is located just
    east of Rancho Santa Fe Road and north of La Costa Ave (we called it
    Denk Mountain when we did trailwork there last year). If you use
    the trails in this area, don't miss this important opportunity to
    discuss the trail system with the land managers. If you don't know
    the trails here, come and check them out before the meeting. SDMBA
    will be leading a hilly intermediate to advanced ride starting at
    9:00 a.m.

    Meet at the corner of Calle Junipero and Camino Romera at 9:00.
    From Highway 5, take La Costa Avenue east all the way to Rancho
    Santa Fe Road and turn left. Go about ˝ mile and turn right onto
    Junipero. Take the first left onto Corte Romera and park here.

    Please RSVP to Jessica at [email protected] or 760-784-0672 for the
    meeting. Contact [email protected] for questions about the ride.

    __________________________________________________ __________________
    Notice of Public Meeting to All Users of the Rancho La Costa Habitat
    Conservation Area

    When: Saturday, March 3, 2007; 11:00 am
    Where: Intersection of Calle Junipero and Camino Romera
    Who: The Center for Natural Lands Management invites all users of
    the Rancho La Costa Habitat Conservation Area

    The Center for Natural Lands Management (Center) owns and manages
    the Rancho La Costa Habitat Conservation Area (HCA) to protect
    natural resources. The HCA is open to the public for recreational
    uses, except motorized uses, such as motorcycles, vehicles and off
    highway vehicles. In order to effectively protect and manage these
    resources, the Center maintains a public trail system. At this
    time, the trails are well posted and maintained. We also have
    informational kiosks at several locations that provide trail maps
    and other information. However, we have found that users are
    creating new trails without Center authorization, and are walking
    and riding off the HCA onto adjacent private lands. The Center
    would like to meet with users to discuss our trail system and how it
    can better serve the public and to ensure that trails are properly
    used so that we can protect the HCA's resources.

    Discussion Topics Include:

    •Reasons for management of the HCA in perpetuity
    •Land/parcel boundaries in the vicinity of HCA
    •Multiple public recreational uses (mountain biking, hiking,
    equestrian) on trails in the HCA
    •Closing of unwanted trails and blocking off switch back cut-offs
    •Management and maintenance of legal trails
    •Public outreach/Volunteer opportunities

    Please RSVP or call with any questions. [email protected] 760-784-0672

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    La costa Meeting

    Meeting was well attended. Of course the largest user group was once again there. One big pat on the back for mtn bikers getting involved and from my talking with land managers and rangers this has become the norm. They say mnt bikers are becoming their largest and most visible user group. And one of the more active when it comes to the dirt work.
    A private land owner came forward and put a face on the issue of trespassing. Unfortunately one of the best trails runs across the corner of her property. She said bikers were not a problem initially. But as use of the area has increased she has had run ins with some undesirables, dangerous(guns), and plain rude people. She felt we were a good group of people and had she not dealt with the former group we might still be riding there. She asked cnlm to put up a deterrent, which is now barbed wire, and some party has been knocking it down which has exacerbated the issue. She wants us to stop trespassing. We made a group apology to her as we all have enjoyed that loop. But the silver lining was being able to demonstrate before cnlm how the public need to use open space to recreate is putting pressure on the few open spaces left in SD and very often that pressure over flows onto private property.
    So some great ideas came forth encouraging more trail connectivity, more trails, more appropriate staging areas, and hook up separate open areas. Opportunities for trail work will be set up. The land managers had a great discourse with mtn bikers and were very approachable. Nothing was immediately solved but that will always be a work in progress.
    The land managers and SDMBA VP Minette went hiking afterwards to inspect the trail issues first hand.
    I even got a few "Flightline" comments in. Later.

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