SoCal High school Mountain Bike season is about to kick off. As most of you know, I host the first race of the season and I have been working with the league since the first day. I am super passionate about the league and the kids. I want every kid to have a chance to race. So I am taking on a new challenge SoCal Endurance & My crew are collecting up your old stash! I need bikes for kids that dont have one. You would be surprised if you knew how many kids dont have bikes, and cant afford them! If your anything like me, you probably have some old bikes laying around collecting dust and getting flat! Please donate them to the league. I will collect them up and fix what needs to be fixed. Please dont just dump your junk on us, I need serviceable bikes and parts. Please note this isnt a tax writeoff or a make YOU feel good day, This is something strickly for the kids. Please help me to get more kids on bikes!

Please email me if you can help:
[email protected]