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    Just back from Big Bear...yeah I know its cold

    My nipples were so hard I thought they were going to snap off. But sadly I am a loser that loves to ride so I brought my 26 converted to 650b cx bike to Big Bear lake this past weekend.

    There's some remnants of last week's snow which is now slush and mud, ice in some places---no biggie. But what I want to inform some of you non-lift riders is that they re-did the Pine Knot Trail last month.

    You know the end where it just drones thru the dry creek bed for a while which eventually ends at the picnic area parking lot? Well the FS
    re-routed it so it wiggles thru a ST track that is carved going west, then ends on the west side of the picnic area.

    I spoke to a volunteer at the Visitor's Center about it and he said they just completed that part of the trail last month and the local rags are touting about it. Good thing is that its more "hiker friendly", bad thing is that its more "hiker friendly" which means more hikers now---which I did notice even at a balmy 45 degrees @ 1:30pm.

    I also asked the volunteer his opinion about the end of the trail just wiggling about, actually just adding more time---its about over 1/4 mile longer. He agrees its weird but noted that the old route was in back of private property which sometimes caused erosion to their property. And instead of fixing the erosion, its cheaper just to carve out some ST on
    Forest land. There's even a new sign at the trail head. (or end whichever way you start the PKT)

    Regardless, its another change here in Big Bear, like it or not. You're going to see grandpa grueling it out with the family on trails, like I did--which is great, don't get me wrong! But you young guys who like to ride fast are going to have to slow down now, like I did-- with the large group of Asian hikers wearing Abercrombie jackets that were coming up. Kind of annoying but I don't own the trails. I'd like to own Abercrombie stock though
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    Sometimes you have to forget about getting your strava time to keep up the peace on the trails. Leave the speed runs for the bike only trails on Summit Property.
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    I'd +rep both you, Fatcat, and Klurejr, but it won't let me. Good thread, 2 good posts!

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    E, where you been?! I drove home from Havasu yesterday and I could see snow on the backside of Big Bear quite a ways down that side.
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    The trails are pretty much open, especially on the north side of the lake. A storm is supposedly coming in tomorrow, that will pretty much be done with the riding up here for the season.
    I agree with all about sharing the trails, we have worked hard up here to open new trails and rider-hiker incidents don't really help. If you like to bomb the trails up here, 1) stay away from the popular trails on weekends/ holidays, 2) ride Snow Summit bike park.
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