• 01-17-2011
    street glide
    Camping at south ridge race week ends?
    Planing to check out the racing this week end. Is camping allowed at the track area? Also can i bring my bike and check out the trails and down hill? thanks joe from santa barbara
  • 01-18-2011
    When I do the races at southridge, I usually see camping tents there so I would assume you can camp. You can ride the trails there anytime. XC trail is only about 4 miles. The downhill is one long hike a bike going up unless you pay the fee for the shuttle. Have fun and keep the rubber side down
  • 01-19-2011
    yes yes yes
  • 01-20-2011
    If you don't pay for a wrist band, they will ask you to leave the DH track. I think it's $10 for a wrist band for Sat. You can camp for free. Sunday the DH is closed to anyone not racing. See ya out there.