So, my boy picked up biking real early and loves it. I do ride with him a lot mostly in the neighborhood and would occasionally take him to do some trail biking. Before he turned 5 last month, he was actually comfortable riding easy obstacles on a skate park. I want to get him with a group of kids his age that he can consistently ride with (supervised by adults of course) and maybe develop more bike skills on the trail/off-trail but there are no such group or program in my area. None of his friends, at this time, ride bikes either. I've gone to a couple local bike shops and have asked but their programs cater to older kids. Any ideas? Suggestions? We live in east L.A. county. Also, do you guys know of any bike parks for little kids in SoCal?

Bought him a Skuut when he was 3:

Andrew and his Skuut - YouTube

And this was last year when he was 4: