Bike rentals in LA area

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  • 04-27-2011
    Bike rentals in LA area
    I will be visiting my hometown, LA in July. I wont be able to ride enough days to warrant hauling out my 29er there for the trip. I want to be able to ride in the hills of Will Rogers, Griffith Park, etc.. (not sure where the best trails are) for a day here or there. Im having trouble finding a decent LBS that rents decent MTB's. Please help!!! Or would it just be worth it to drive up to Big Bear and rent and ride up there?

  • 04-28-2011
    I have no personal experience renting from them nor do I know anyone who has, but Topanga Creek Bicycles seems to have a good rental/demo program:
  • 04-28-2011
    Yes, definitely try Big Bear. There is a shop in Blue Jay near Lake Arrowhead called Wake and Wheel that rents. And the owner is great very knowledgable and he will even disclose some local hidden trails. Also Bear valley bikes is available in Big Bear. Definitely hit up. Gray's Peak which I will be doing this weekend first time this season. Hopefully all the snow are gone.
  • 05-10-2011
    Bike Warrior =

    Not a very big shop, but I like the owner and have had several good experiences there.
  • 05-11-2011
    Big Bear in July would be a great way to beat the SoCal summertime heat and ride some excellent trails. I have spent several weeks each summer there for the past several years. Many great trails to explore. My favorites include Hanna Flat/Grays Peak, Cougar Crest, Siberia Creek, Pineknot/Cabin 89 and some of the black diamond-ish trails closer to Snow Summit ski area.

    Bear Valley Bikes will be one of your better choices up there to rent a 'decent' bike and they are usually pretty good about providing some trail information.