The final ride for Youth Mt. Bike Adventures. It is fitting that it is our Halloween ride with our favorite group, the OPD Traffic Safety Division Crossing Guards. We, the YMBA Steering Committee, have been around from the earliest days of BTCEB some 25 years ago, bringing a bike culture of community involvement, and sharing the park trails to the underserved kids of the East Bay.

Dave, Trish Bob, Carol, and Kai and Mo and many others, like Jeff, John, Jose, over the years, have worked together with love and purpose to offer kids a quality, safe ride in our local EBRPD with the help of BTCEB volunteers who have given their time to be guides. It has been a good ride. There were many elements to insure a safe and smooth, enjoyable ride for all, starting with funding. We would like to thank the Red Oak Opportunity Fund, and all the realtors who contributed, for giving us a grant from $500 ultimately to $ $2,000 every years for the past 20 years. Thanks too to Grizzly Peak Cyclists who have also contributed over the years. A huge thanks to the East Bay Regional Parks Crews at Wildcat and Pt. Pinole. Without their support all these years, storing and transporting the bikes to the trail head, the program would not have run as smoothly and without problems. Thanks to OPD Traffic Safety Officers, Stacey Perry, Robert Sayaphupha, Paul Cirolia, and ACH Dario Hunter, and Rafael Cortez, both agencies who went far out of their way to bring us 12 wonderful crossing guards twice each year, every year. We gave helmets to each rider and would like to thank Bell Sports Safe Kids Program for their generous helmet prices and shipping costs. Finally we would like to thanks all the agencies over the years who have brought their children to us, all the BTCEB volunteers over the years that have helped the program, and the leadership of BTCEB which over the years has always supported YMBA.

We will miss the joy of group riding, the grateful eager kids, and the few but wonderful volunteers. Times have changed too. Many of our old groups have seen the light and have bikes of their own. We have served our community.
If anyone in the mountain community wants to continue this program ,we would be happy to provide support. PM me ,thanks.