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    Went esplorin'

    I've lived in Eldo County for 13 years and never ventured out to this particular area (accessible from my driveway). So much potential! And trails are planned for the future. Always fun to hit relatively primitive trail, unsure of what you'll find or where you'll end up... especially when you don't have to worry about being shot.
    (I'm being vague cause I didn't follow all the "rules", but I didn't break many rules)

    If you build it, we will come:

    Effective deterrent:

    The wild brown, green and blue yonder. Yum:

    Thank you I'll have another:

    Not the first person to visit here:

    Found Noah's Ark's dinghy:

    It was only big enough for 2 frogs... who stayed with their ship, along with 300 offspring:

    I haven't done many local rides that provided this kind of close-up view of whitewater fun

    No shortage of these buggers to keep me paranoid and sketched out. Plucked 40+ off me:

    Pretty sure most of the trails exist cause of motos... thanks my MX brethren!

    Hint: that's Salmon Falls/Flagstaff in the background. Majestic:

    Back in the real world, rain was falling and trail conditions got very nice. Carving/drifting turns with a layer of wet dirt on dry dirt is like snowboarding powder to me:

    (^ a beer to anyone that knows exactly where the above photo was taken)

    Can't wait for legitimacy... me and my Mcleod are ready!
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    Looks like a fun ride! kinda looks like browns ravine near a split in the last picture, but I hear you on ticks. I've had numerous ones after auburn and salmon falls this week. They are out in force. Everyone I know is getting bit or finding them in clothes.

    I just found out a friend has been in the hospital for over a year from a Lyme tick. He has escaped death a few times, but he still isn't better. Be careful everyone!

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    Nothing like a solo adventure into the unknown. outcome=TBD

    Props to you EB -good that you didn't get shot at by tweakers or the pot mafia.

    Exploring always provides a dose of . . . X factor. (been there)
    I like to bike.

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    Nice except for that tick. Fun exploring where no one has ridden much. Found a short legal trail on the east side of Ebbetts pass last weekend.

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    The Please contact your next of kin before trespassing sign is priceless

    BTW, check your e-mail, crashed early last night and missed yours, it's shreddy time!

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    Haha. Nice. I knoww where you were :-). And i think I know that flat, fast drifty corner too

    Sebt frm my iPhne usig Tapaak
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    Not being from around those parts all I can recognize is the Purgatory front tire and those pesky ticks!(I saw your post earlier in the NorCal tick thread). 40? Crazy. And yeah the creepy crawly ghost tick feeling. Yikes!
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