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    Surgeon recommendation: "bucket handle" meniscus tear

    A very active friend of mine, age ~53, is looking for recommendations for an orthopedic surgeon for a "bucket handle meniscus tear". It's an old ski injury, that "popped" recently (while sprinting thru an airport to catch a plane! Sorry. I wish I had a more entertaining story!). Santa Cruz or Santa Clara counties.

    A surgeon who does these all the time, with a good track record of the patients getting back their full athletic ability, Thanks!

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    I tore my articular cartilage in two places and meniscus in one spot (not a bucket handle, sorry) and went to Dr. Farris. I was riding 2 weeks after surgery. 18 months later and I have no issues with the knee.

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    I had a very similar tear "repaired" over 25 years ago. That doc has long since retired, though. I was only 28 years old and healed very quickly. I went back to work after one week and didn't even have a limp.
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    Give Dr. Dragoo's office a call at Stanford in Palo Alto. I can't comment on whether he is proficient he is in "Bucket Handle" tears but he will be my first call should anything go wrong with my knee. My Fiance recently had a very intensive meniscus transplant surgery that went flawlessly.

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    City maybe too far but Kevin Louie at CPMC is awesome and an athlete. He's done meniscus's for a number of people I know and saved my butt (literally) on a torn labrum in hip.
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    I have personally observed Nathaniel Cohen perform many arthroscopic procedures. He's the best surgeon I have watched in the San Jose area. I'd encourage your friend that a little bit more of a drive for a better surgeon is worth it.

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    Both my wife and I have had meniscus repairs done by Kevin Stone in SF. Mine was simple, but my wife's knee had basically no meniscus left (old ski injury) and required art-cart bone grafting to fix (in other words, it was complicated and a 4 hour surgery).

    She finished Leadville last year, ran a trail marathon this year, and climbed and skied Shasta, for what that's worth in terms of return-to-sport.

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    I tore mine years ago, bucket handle tear, the MD just cut it out. I have had no issues whatsoever. or maybe that is my issue
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