Stranger Danger: Havey Canyon Trail in Wildcat Canyon Park-
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    Stranger Danger: Havey Canyon Trail in Wildcat Canyon Park

    I rode up this trail on Thursday and found 5 separate attempts to make obstructions on the trail that appeared to me to be attempts to impede bikers, but not hikers.

    There are small trees at the top and bottom that have been snapped up high to bend down and obstruct the trail on blind corners.

    There were 3 spots were deadfall and trimmed limbs had been dragged onto the trail in an attempt to narrow a section. I cleared all these up, but did not have the tools needed to deal with the trees.

    At first I thought these were just stuff that happens, but after the 3rd obstacle the pattern became clear to me.

    I'd say the intent was benign, (i.e. the obstacles are meant to slow you down, but not hurt you and all were clearly visible.)

    The only reason I bring this up is that the attempts may escalate as the obstacles are removed. The whole thing is kind of sad and pathetic. It's one of the two legal "single track" trails in the whole park and given the relatively low use of MTB's in the park, I would hope we could live and let live.

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    The trail was clear on Tuesday AM. I cleared some sight line. We did a Gala ride there on Sat. With no problems.

    Report you findings to the Alvarado office. I will patrol up there this week, too.
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    Hmm. Havey Canyon is one of our little gems in Tilden/Wildcat. I have repeatedly encountered what appeared to be strategically placed branches (sometimes freshly broken from a nearby sapling/large bush) in the trail just at/after the first hard left turn on the way down from the top. I almost crashed as a result once. But I did not think about it too hard and haven't seen multiple locations suggesting sabotage. Nor have I ever had a negative encounter with anyone in many dozens of rides here.

    Let's keep Havey Canyon safe!
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    Update to Havey

    They just installed a new "cattle" gate on the high side of the stream crossing - absolutely no chance of clearing it now (not that there was much chance for mortals, anyway, but I liked dropping into the stream).
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    I do kinda miss Havey. Tried the stream crossing several times, got close twice but never cleaned it.

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    Be sure to report this to the authorities. The more we document that there are "a few bad apple hikers" the better.

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