• 01-13-2012
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    STOLEN Red MTBs (in Santa Cruz): Niner One9 SS and Santa Cruz Bullit DH
    Super sucks but got my 2 mountain bikes stolen from my house on the night of January 2nd in Santa Cruz, CA. The bummer is that I just finished building up the Niner One9 in December :(

    Any information on the bikes would be really appreciated!

    Contact: 8#3#1 8#2#4 4#3#6#0 - jeff AT jeffmerlet DOT com

    Niner One9 Single Speed Red: STOLEN
    Large - Red Hot Tamale
    Serial number: PY6240119
    Niner carbon rigid fork - hot tamale
    Ninner carbon handle bar
    Chris King Headset - red
    Easton Haven 55mm Stem
    Shimano XT brake (180mm disc)
    Shimano XTR PD-M980 pedals
    Easton Haven Wheels and seat post
    Maxxis Tires

    Santa Cruz Bullit Red: Downhill bike STOLEN
    size Large - Red
    Fox rear shock
    Marzocchi fork
    Platform pedals, single ring front, etc.
  • 01-13-2012
    Yikes, Sorry to hear. I feel your pain, we had 3 of our bikes stolen in Santa Clara in November.
    Do you have home owners or renter's insurance? It saved our bacon. Still sucks though.

    I'm still scouring CL almost daily hoping to find ours, hope you find yours and can prosecute. Good luck!
  • 01-13-2012
    yes it's a bummer! me too scouting both CL and ebay. and for cl i'm using google in order to get CL of all regions (in case the bike shows up somewhere on the west coast. here is my link for searching for my niner (and that's why i also remove al the 49ers like keywords): google.com/search?q=site:craigslist.org+niner+-49er+-49ers+-niners+-ticket+-tickets+-playoff&num=100&hl=en&newwindow=1&safe=off&prmd=im vns&source=lnt&tbs=qdr:d&sa=X&ei=YhQRT7nKE-WFiALR-cmjDQ&ved=0CAoQpwUoAg&biw=1682&bih=928

    hope you can get your back too. apropos insurance, i've a 5k deductible on my homeowner insurance, so no good hope on that side. but i'm going to stop by AAA tomorrow.

  • 01-13-2012
    Also search for the unique components. If the thief was bike savvy they may be parting it out.

    And I'm really sorry to hear about the theft. I love my One9 and would miss it terribly.
  • 01-14-2012
    Leopold Porkstacker
    Yikes! That’s a bummer dude! Certainly shouldn’t be hard to spot such beautiful red builds.
  • 01-14-2012
    Bump and I'll keep an eye out in the north bay.
  • 01-14-2012
    @stumblemumble Thanks!
  • 01-16-2012
    Just read a very interesting article in Outside Magazine on bike theft. They mention a lot of the bikes stolen in NorCal end up in Mexico as trade for drugs. The drug lords then sell them to rich Mexicans at a big profit. The article said they recently intercepted a whole truckload of stolen bike at the border,, all from the Santa Cruz area. It also stated 90% of bike thefts across the country are perpetrated by meth addicts.
    It also said no lock or security works. Do let them out of your sight is the only way to keep them yours.

    Read it here: Stolen Bikes

  • 01-16-2012
    amazing! thanks for the link it was a nice article to read.
  • 01-16-2012
    Sorry to hear about it. Those are a couple of very good looking bikes. Have you reported this to the Police?

    Unfortunately, we have a bit of a bike theft epidemic in Santa Cruz. There was an interesting article with some statistics in our local paper the other week:

    Police deal with surge of bike thefts in Santa Cruz: Police deal with surge of bike thefts in Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz Sentinel

    This article has started a dialog with some local folks who want to do something about this problem. PM me if you have some constructive ideas on how we can mitigate the bike theft problem.