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    Spring fever trumps body fever

    I have been feeling a good bit of Spring fever the past few weeks. But I had been quite sick all week and I woke up still feeling sick this morning. However, the forecast said sunny and temperatures in the 70's today at Fort Ord, and cold and rain on the way. So I decided to just set points on the trails as goals, and when I reached them, if I felt OK, I would set another point and continue on as long as I could. From Creekside Terrace I went down Red Rock Ridge, up Trail 43, and down the Goat Trail. I was not pushing, but just enjoying the 70 degree plus weather, and sunny skies. As I neared that pesky, steep climb in the middle of the Goat Trail a group of riders was waiting at the top for their buddies pushing their bikes up the hill. So I figured I had better ride it. As I reached the top I nearly fainted. I mumbled to the group, and then continued on down the other side. From then on I decided to take it easy on the climbs.

    I continued up the fire roads, down Hurl Hill and up Trail 47. There were quite a few wildflowers out, especially on Trail 47. I normally don't try to shoot wildflowers while riding because my P&S camera isn't the greatest, it takes a lot of time to get good plant photos, and my shaky hands get really bad while biking. But I figured it would slow me down and give me a bit of rest now and then.

    As I neared the end of Trail 50 at about 20 miles I started to feel too sick. So I went to the end of the trail, turned around, and came back via Trails 49, 43, The Goat Trail again (walking that climb), and Trails 72 and 31. I sure was glad to finish. I only wish I had someone to drive the two hours home so I could sleep. But it was still a great day and a great ride! If you want trail names and numbers pull up my ride in Google Earth and also open this Google Earth file, which contains them. Below are some of the more presentable plant photos, plus a few trail photos.

    Ice Plant




    Shooting Star


    Indian Warrior

    Indian Warrior



    Blue Eyed Grass


    Trail 47

    Trail 50

    Trail 50

    Trail 49

    Trail 49

    Redrock Ridge

    Trail 49


    Ride Stats

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    i don't know why you say your g9 doesn't take good flower photos because those are terrific! glad you made a full ride...i did about 25 miles/4000ft in the marin headlands today...really nice day, sorry to see this weather go.

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    Great pictures, and that's a heck of a ride for someone not feeling good!

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    Wow. This thread makes me feel foolish. I as well hit Ft. Ord yesterday. Did only 13 miles with ~2,400 in footies, but I spent as much time pushing the bike as I did on the bike. I had spells where I couldn't catch my breath. I also ended up with one cramping calf and 2 cramping thighs. It was absolutely awesome out there though.
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